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Our purpose is to build confidence in the art market by empowering collectors with the knowledge and information to acquire fine art.

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Artwork Uploads

List your inventory and benefit from Limna's independent price estimates and supporting intelligence for new enhanced inquiries.

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Qualified Collectors

Direct contact to Limna's 85,000+ users globally, each confident to reach out with an understanding of why.

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Advanced Analytics

Track your artists' and artworks' performances and obtain an understanding of the audience interested in your inventory.

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Unlimited Validations

Gain insights and check your own pricing approach with unlimited price estimates and validations for all 800,000+ artists in our database.


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Become a Gallery Partner

We enable Galleries to increase their artists' visibilty and drive sales, while also providing a tool to monitor and track trends of the art market. Send us an application and we'll get back to you shortly.

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Simply enter an artist's name and the size of the painting or photograph and, upon matching a search with one of the c.700,000 artists in our records, we'll share an estimated value you should expect to pay. If you have already received a price from a gallery or dealer, we'll give you the confidence to know whether that price is in line with our data. The final step will be to contact the artist’s gallery, armed with all you need to know in order to make your dream purchase a reality.

Using machine learning, Limna analyses millions of data points in seconds – tracking every exhibition and every art fair, along with more information than we can list here. This is how we're able to give you an accurate valuation on the paintings and photographs that inspire you.

The algorithm augments the user's input, and takes into consideration factors from the start of an artist's exhibiting career to the present day (and even planned activity for the future), their sales history, and the size of artwork to provide an expected price estimation.

Currently, under 20% of our estimates disagree with the gallery price quotes. This is when you should consider your own motivations, review at the underlying data in the artist's profile more closely, and if it seems complete, then the quoted price might be too high — or perhaps it's a fantastic opportunity!

You can become a Gallery Partner by sending us an application. By becoming a Gallery Partner you will be able to claim your gallery profile, upload your inventory and by doing so you will be able to receive qualified leads.

In short, anyone with an interest in art -- and specifically painting and photography right now.

We can be used by both new and existing collectors who crave data-informed insights to support their emotive purchase desires.

We're loved by those buying art on behalf of others, such as art advisors and interior designers.

We're proud to track the careers of more than 700,000 artists across the leading 16,000+ global galleries.

We do, however, recognise that we don't know everything, so are grateful when you let us know if we don't have an Artist or Gallery that you think should be listed here. Have your voice heard!

Please let us know any input you may have here.

If you've seen Artfacts mentioned anywhere, that's because it's the official name of the incredible database which we have access to -- we also share co-founders and a CEO.

Please contact us via the "Feedback to Limna" section of the Settings tab, or otherwise email us at