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Five Exciting Young Berlin Based Womxn Artists

As one of the city’s biggest art events all year, art enthusiasts are buzzing with Berlin Art Week currently underway. A week for exhibition openings, performances, activations and open studios discovering all that the scene has to offer. Rather than the events themselves which many others are focusing on, let us consider the artists that make up the city: Berlin, widely recognised as a creative hub for attracting artists, is - according to the Berlin Senate - recorded as hosting 20,000 artists who call the city home.

That many artists to choose from can be a little overwhelming, so, keen to discover up-and-coming talent, with the help of the Limna App, we’ve selected 5 young womxn artists that call Berlin zuhause (or “home”).

These artists are not participating in Berlin Art Week – check out our Instagram for tips for that! – but they are lighting up the contemporary scene with their exciting and experimental projects. They should definitely be on your radar.

Klára Hosnedlová 21%

Represented by Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler and Horizont

Inspired by architecture often shaped by eastern european history, Hosnedlová’s narrative-driven work uses photography, embroidery, installation, found objects and performance to construct otherworldly environments. Her embroidered works, which capture moments from performances appear more like delicate paintings, and the abstract sculptures she makes are from found objects at the sites she visits. There is a many-layered process to her work, making it all the more fascinating as you follow the threads through her creations. She already has a very strong Global Presence, Cultural Recognition and significant Momentum (+21%).

Catch her work currently at the group show Identität nicht nachgewiesen at Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn until October 3, 2022 and at La Biennale de Lyon which has just opened and continues until December.

Cemile Sahin 20%

Represented by Esther Schipper

Another storyteller; Artist and Author Sahin, moves between her artforms with ease; employing film, photography, sculpture, and literature. Her installations blend text and image exploring and offering new insights into moments of history. Her novels Taxi, and Alle Hunde Sterben are seen as an “integral part of her artistic practice”.

Sahin has strong Cultural Recognition, and significant Momentum at +20%, but her Global Presence still has room to grow, making her perfect to catch before that undoubtedly changes.

Whilst you’re admiring Hosnedlová’s work, you can also catch Sahin’s creations at the same two exhibitions: the group show Identität nicht nachgewiesen at Bundeskunsthalle until October 3, 2022, and La Biennale de Lyon.

Ornella Fieres 11%

Represented by Galerie Priska Pasquer and Sexauer Gallery

Photographer, filmmaker, and image manipulator; Fieres uses found footage, photographs and text and employs AI, software and photographic apparatuses to create something entirely new. Often using an amalgamation of hundreds of photographs to create one new one. This has resulted, at times, in creating stunning floral-head portraits or fascinating computer generated text descriptions of images. Her work plays with the boundaries of the physical and the digital using one to manipulate the other and hence to create a new physical version. The processes used to create her works are just as fascinating as the finished products. Like Sahin, Fieres has strong Cultural Recognition, but her Global Presence is still growing, so she is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

You can see Fieres’ work in the group exhibition: Artists and Allies V at Signs and Symbols Gallery in NYC until September 30, 2022.

Charlie Stein 10%

Represented by Galerie Priska Pasquer and Bark Berlin Gallery

Stein uses drawings, installations, sculptures, paintings and text to question “modes of perception within the context of a highly digitized, visually overstimulated world”. This can be seen in her portraits sporting oversized eyes consistent with facial enhancing filters used on Instagram. Stein has steady Cultural Recognition and Global Presence, with a strong Art Fair presence being an indicator of commercial success, and her Momentum is already taking off at +10%.

You can see her work in the upcoming solo show Unimate at Evelyn Drews Galerie in Hamburg opening on October 27, 2022.

Elif Saydam 10%

Represented by Tanya Leighton, Franz Kaka and Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle

In addition to their painting practice, artist and author, Saydam uses writing, sculpture and installation. Atop paintings of an entirely different subject matter they add pretty, delicate flowers and gold detailing as a masking gimmick initially distracting the viewer from “what is actually at stake”. Reflective of their current home, the notorious “late-night corner shops” or “spätis” of Berlin have also featured heavily in a series of theirs whilst exploring longing. Saydam has significant Cultural Recognition and Global Presence with rapidly climbing national recognition. Saydam has been picking up significant Momentum with solos at Kunsthalle Bern and Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, and now has reached new heights with a score of +10%.

The Berlin art scene is fuelled by the experimentation of young talents like these, and Limna’s vast exhibition database shows that they are keeping the city’s art scene alive and well.

In fact, our data shows that the German capital is catching up with historical art powerhouse Cologne and much-hyped Leipzig, which wasn’t able to sustainably keep pace with Berlin. Even when we look next door to France, we find that Berlin has overtaken Paris in terms of average Cultural Recognition score, with the two capitals now holding the top two positions in Europe.

Perhaps indicative of this, these five artists all have growing Momentum, and have rightly earned recognition for their impressive exploration of creativity, each in their own unique way. Find out more about them in the Limna App, and see what other young or emerging artists you can discover.

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